Could I be pregnant?

crystal • frugalmommy

Ok, so my ovulation test was positive on Sunday we also had sex that day? I at first didn't think it was. But iv been tracking my bbt and it's looking like I did O on Tuesday. Which I had sex on that night also i wasnt aware of the fact I had Ovulated. I thought maybe bc I had a big dip, but I get big dips sometimes. But for 3 days after now I have had much higher temps then my last week of temps. I made a appt to remove my iud on Wednesday not thinking I would O so early I usually O much later.

I had my out out because it was causing me a lot of pain and bleeding I have had it for 2 years. I had the copper coil one the paraguard I believe. I'm praying that since I had sex 48 and 24 hours before my IUD was taken out plus I Ovulated some time within 24 hours before as well that the coil did it's job at killing 9ff the sperm and the egg had already died off before the iud was out but let's say if the egg was still there after out was removed. What's the likelihood I would get pregnant?

So break down

Sunday - possible positive ovulation test/ sex

Monday nothing

Tuesday- I most likely ovulated plus I had sex

Wenesday - I had my IUD out in morning like 10 am

I'm just worried I want a oil more time b4 well if we attempt 1 last baby. I've tried almost every birth control nothing works. So now I'm left with the natural method and condoms.

I know no one can give me a certain answers just your thought and 8f you were in a similar situation whether you were trying or not for a baby.

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