Can someone tel me if this poem is good?


Okay, so my 3 year anniversary with my fiancé is coming up on Monday 11/27. Typically, (because I am crafty and a hopeless romantic and still believe in gifts from the heart.) I make her gift every year. This year (lord help me) I’ve decided that I NEEDED to write her a poem (think more spoken word than rhymey). Problem is I don’t know if it’s any good? Will you ladies read it and let me know your honest opinions?

Here it goes....

When we met the first words you said to me were “drive safe” and I had to because you spoke it into existence.

You woke my heart up that night.

I was Snow White, poisoned by a toxic relationship not knowing that all along I was only waiting for you to breathe me back to life.

You find beauty in all of my dark and broken places.

I tend to pinball around in my emotions,

but you are always there to catch me like a butterfly collector with net hands made of silk careful not to damage my wings.

I ask my self 1000 times a day what i could have possibly done in this lifetime to deserve a woman like you.

A woman who’s strength is matched only by her compassion.

A woman who’s lips are shaped like the heart that I have so eagerly placed in her hands.

A woman who’s endless optimism has floated us through so many stormy seas.

I am not perfect.

I stumble through my own existence just trying to get from point A to point B.

I am fragile.

I crumble at the slightest deviation in routine but you keep me whole.

I believe that a soul is halved when it is sent to earth and we spend the rest of our lives looking for the other half of our selves.

When we die we are reborn again only to do the same until eventually we find the missing piece.

I don’t know how many life times i have seen...

But I know my soul was found whole the moment I met you.