In need

Megan • 36 TTC #1

I am 37 and we are TTC #1 for 3.5 years.

We have unexplained infertility. I ovulate every month and menstruate every month. Husband has a good count and excellent motility.

I spot in the days before my periods at times but no doctor can tell me why or if it is detrimental.

We just finished our 3rd <a href="">IUI</a>/Clomid cycle. Everything was perfect (yet again). 2-3 eggs released and hubby's end covered well.

Even tried acupuncture.

Got my period today.

Hubby promises me we will not give up and we will have our baby.

I am hurting. I am sad and my font of belief is taking a hit.

I am also upset to be spending so much money as this is not covered under either of our teacher's insurance.

Does anyone have any words that will help? Stories of similar situations? Any hope?