Advice please, Thank you.

I used the bathroom and I had brown dry discharge on the paper after wiping. I called the doctors office (to be safe) and because they were closed i got the call center. I told them what happened and they said if i didnt get a call back in 15 minutes to try again, so i did. Then, 30 minutes later i get a call back from the call center telling me that all the nurses were busy in the delivery room and that I wasn't going to get a call back. I'm just shocked! It's upsetting because what if it's a bad thing? They dont have time for me. It's been 2 hours already and im not really worried but of course hubby is freaking out. I dont have any pain other than the usual back and hip pain. Im 32 weeks tomorrow. You think I'll be ok waiting it out till monday? What should I do? Have you ever gotten discharge like that?