I finally ended my Toxic 3 year relationship!

Brenda • 🎤🎼🥁🎹🎸🎙🎶📸🎬🔮♒✔♀Brenda B€\\A M£LgAr3J0 T1NaJ€R0 ✔💯❇✴🆗️🚼☯️☮🛐🔄

He and I have one toddler daughter last night I went to a motel in Stockton and he does Crystal meth. the thing he tried to?force me to join him and have his way with me and wanted a threesome me not so in the mood ran out a crazy tweaker came at me with a crow bar I was so traumatized the last 48 hours I'm like eff that I have been home for an hour showered I'm going to make myself dinner now ! sorry for the rant or what have you but I'm gonna find myself again and build myself up for me and my mother and daughter!!!