Could I be pregnant? (PLEASE help, need womanly advice 😭)

I just started college, I take birth control I never miss my pill and if I do it’s once in a blue moon by 20minutes to an hour. I never get this paranoid, I’m one of those “everything will be okay” kinda people. I have sex often, very often.

But lately I’ve been gaining slightly and my abdomen feels slightly harder (I can’t tell if that’s muscle or not),

I’ve been nauseous but I haven’t thrown up and I’ve been getting massive headaches (i should mention I also hit my head really hard about a week ago),

I’ve been incredibly baby crazy and ik that’s not exactly a symptom but I just wanna mention everything.

Someone please please give me your insight on this. I’m going nuts over this, I’m going to take the test but I need advice or opinion. Something. I’m desperate.

I’m suppose to get my period in 6 Days.