its so easy to get pregnant! - long

my husband's dad is dating this woman whom we all despise. she's immature, and so very controlling. and to top it all off she is constantly up our asses about when we're going to have a baby.

FLASH BACK: my husband and I were married in April of this year and last Christmas his dad's gf was asking us when we're having a baby. I told her we want to wait until after the wedding and honeymoon to start trying. she genuinely got mad that we weren't trying. my sil stepped in and said, they're getting married in April and she already has a dress! let them be. to which the gf replies, that's four months away, she won't be showing by then! I rolled my eyes and we left.

PRESENT DAY: so at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday we start getting the third degree again. my husband and I sat quietly as she hounded us for not being pregnant yet and how she wants a grandbaby. (I may sound terrible but I'm not calling her grandma. maybe if she were married to my fil but nah. sorry if that makes me a bad person). well anyway she keeps going on and on so my husband says, well it's not like we aren't trying. she says back... "it's not that hard, so when are we getting a baby??"

I could I screamed! tell me, and countless other women, it's not that hard to get pregnant. believe it or not it doesn't happen over night! but instead of screaming I shot back, "we don't know! when are you getting married?!"

I'll admit, it may have been a low blow. she's been with my file for a loooong time and pressures him to get married, but I couldn't take it anymore. she shutup after that though. I know everyone thinks a baby is supposed to happen right after the wedding but it doesn't always happen like that. and when we finally do get pregnant I don't even want to tell her. she drives me nuts! I thought that was the mother in law's job! hahah