Dream of being Pregnant ??

Jhasmyn • College Student 👩🏽‍🎓💚

Hi loves! I’m on vacation & literally just had the worst dream ever!😪I had a dream that I was at the Dr’s for something random & there was a monitor that said I was pregnant. The doctor basically told me I was 8 weeks...I literally started laughing,thinking It was a joke. After that I jumped up & looked at my calendar...SHE WAS CORRECT. I would be about 7 weeks. I took a test before but it came back negative and I have thrown up(mixing alcohol & dairy) and been nauseous with sensitive nipples. I brushed off the idea once I took a home test that came back negative & oh yea I’ve had my period 2x. *🎈NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL,WE USED A CONDOM*.🎈After we did it,I did not see where he put the condom or if he even nutted..we haven’t talked since,he already has a baby..🤔🤔Advice??