Advice on this situation

So last night my daughter was playing on my Snapchat. She just plays with the filter & puts it all on my story. All of the people on my Snapchat, I personally know.

So when I got my phone back from her I went to go watch her snaps (usually her dancing around, singing or fake vlogging)

Welp this time it was her talking about finding a bf & how’s she’s alone. Something about heartbreak & Twitter.

She claims she only wrote the fist sentence of the first snap & she doesn’t know where the rest of it came from.

She also has no clue what Twitter is (I asked her & she described it like its google search)

These snaps don’t sound like her at all.

I’m so confused & a bit worried about her future. She already feels like she needs a bf & it always seems to be wanting acceptance from other kids, especially boys. I remember how I was & I don’t want that for her.

My problem with this whole situation is that my daughter is 7.

You’ll have to click the photos to see them fully.