Help.. came out to boyfriend

I came out to my boyfriend of over a year as bisexual (I havent told anyone before) and he was repulsed...he REALLY hurt my feelings, he made the implication that since I have become a more sexual person (I lost my virginity to him, and since then have LOVED sex and I want it a lot) that I have become “ruined” (yes he said that exact word) The thing is I have ALWAYS found women more physically attracted than men I was just far too intimidated and shy to initiate any relationship with another woman, so I have no idea why hes shaming me as if me desiring sex with him has turned me into a monster? I didn’t become bisexual because of anything to do with him or our sex life? How am I “ruined” just for being honest about my sexuality? I have always been 100% loyal to him and just because I admitted I like women doesn’t mean I would cheat on him with a woman, it doesn’t make me more likely to cheat.

I love him and don’t want to throw away our relationship but he has really hurt me and I dont know how to fix it or if I should even forgive him for it? He doesn’t think he said anything wrong. What would you do?

edit: i told him that i was bisexual because he kept making jokes about bisexual girls and it annoyed me. im not less devoted for being truthful.