Im dating my "ex's" cousin, am I wrong?


I met this guy two years ago named "Bill". I caught feelings and he told me what I wanted to hear. We ended up having sex alot. But never dated. he always gave a excuse why "I'm not ready" "Im not sure..." so I waited. but why I waited, he got into a relationship with 2 girls and slept with 2 others. (Don't worry, he always wore a condom when we had sex) When he got into a relationship with "May" he cut me off completely...and the reason we never dated was because he didn't feel that way towards me ... we weren't even friends.

I had always talked his cousin, Leo, about what I was going through with Bill. So we had a nice little friendship. called each other Besties. I hadn't talked to Bill in months, and in August, Leo inboxed me, one thing led to another, and he asked me to be his.

It wasn't a secret, but we weren't too quick to spread the word. A "friend" of mine told Bill about me and Leo. Bill was hurt. but when I went to visit the family... he talked me like we were old friends. later on texted me we couldn't be friends. Then the next day said he was just depressed but we could still talk.

He was also going through a breakup at the time. and he was just really depressed. People found out about me and and Leo and I was told that we were part to blame. That I was wrong for dating his cousin.

leo is a marine. and he's finally coming home in a week. I've been counting down, but now we've broken up because his family looks down upon us.

I'm so hurt that Bill still has control over my love life. When he didn't want me in the first place...just for sex.

what I'm asking is... Was I really wrong for pursuing a relationship with his cousin?

(Note: Leo asked me out if that makes a difference)

UPDATE: He won't talk to me about it. so I think it's same to assume it's over. I'm just trying to get over it