Scheduled an US!! Your experience at 6w1d? UPDATE!!

Silvie • #1 born 7/16/18 after 2 years ttc❣️🌈

I had a MC earlier this year and have anxiety and bad cramping so I’m absolutely paranoid about this pregnancy. And my first doctors visit isn’t for another 3 weeks. But... I found that we have a private US clinic where I can get a scan for $50 on Monday!! They had great ratings so I scheduled an appt, hopefully this will calm me down a little so I can relax a bit until my real doctors appointment in December.

I will be 6-7 weeks depending on when I ovulated. At least 6+1 at earliest estimate.

What can I expect? What did your 6w US look like? Did you get a heartbeat? I’ve looked online but I love seeing what other people’s look like who are around the same time as me 💕

I’m so excited and relieved lol

Update: we saw a beautiful little heartbeat that made my husband and me cry 😂 it was so lovely. And she actually said I’m 5w6d, so 2 days behind. But hb was 109/min which she said was really good!

They only had an abdominal scanner so she said that was all she could tell me — that I was about 6 weeks, and there was at least one healthy baby with a heartbeat in the right place 😍

So so glad I went!!!!