PCOS... my first post


Hi all,

So sorry if this isn’t the right forum etc. It’s my first post.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (or what seemed to be) at 13. Mostly because of really bad acne, my doc put me on pills. I’ve gotten off it earlier this year whilst trying to have a baby and now I’m 27. In 6 months, I’ve only had 2 periods. They make me awful because I feel bloated, crampy and hormonal. Been to the doctors who won’t send me for a scan because it’s less than a year. I’ve been testing for ovulation and it doesn’t look like I’ve ovulated ever in 6 months which is heartbreaking.

I wanted to know what People’s experiences have been with PCOS. How long did it take to conceive? How do you know you’re ovulating? Is there anything to make this experience a bit easier.

Sorry again for the long post.

Good luck all!