My SO is going too far present wise for xmas

So im buying all the kid gifts ( 10 kids in total ) and he’s doing the older people ( 8 people in total ). I’m already pretty much done I️ just need 2 more kids. I️ bought all the kids a nice toy that I️ know they’ll love but I️ got them all in a very good price!! ( yay for online shopping ) lol. My SO hasn’t bought anything so I️ asked him what he’s buying everyone and he said for his sisters he’s going to give them 100 each. I️ told him that’s a little too much especially because one is 15 and the other 18. I️ feel like 50 is a good amount. He’s going to end up buying everything in the check before Christmas ( I️ know he is trust me ) and on top of all the 6 other people he still has his bills to pay, then he’s going to end up broke. So I️ told him give them 50 each or even a gift card to their favorite stores. But hes so hard headed. We’re on a budget which is why I️ started my shopping early. And he has thousands of dollars that he owes on his credit card as well. And not including rent, car pymt, gas, insurance. I️ pay some other bills and I’m saving for baby number 2.. and I️ make less than he does , so I️ won’t have much to help him if he becomes broke. Am I️ being wrong for thinking they don’t even need that much money? Yes I️ know it’s his money, but we’re both pretty much fucked if he becomes broke because of that. What would you ladies do in my situation?