Funny sh*t what's your experience?


So ladies. Periods are a thing and most of the time they can be a pain, but they also bring a smell. Normally blood can make you smell like iron or a bag of quarters. Anyway, I normally can smell iron a few days before the flow. . . This time was like any other, however . . . its the last day of my flow and i sit down on the toilet to change my pad. . .

I don't know if i should be concerned or care at all, in fact i don't care this just made me laugh hysterically. I sat down and would you fucking believe the first time ever in 20 yrs I smelt fresh buttery popcorn!! I just busted up fucking laughing like i don't know what to do but the idea of this just makes me laugh. Any health experts know what to do let me know? For my common women let me know your experience and if youve ever smelled something funny.