I know y’all arent scientist or God :), but I have a few questions. My husband travels 3 weeks for work— on a ship. 3 weeks Home, 3 week away. Anyway, We miscarried in August and now we’ve been trying again. I knew this month was out bc of when he’d be away working. I started last period Nov 3. He surprised me and got home yesterday afternoon on the 25th. I had not tracked anything this cycle knowing he’d be gone, but I did notice I didn’t get ewcm until really late. The 24th to be exact.. then for fun I took an Okp on the 24th at 10 am and it was very bright. Was glad I took it so I could expect a late period after Ovulating so late. Is it possible to only have sex ab 30 hours after a positive okp and get pregnant ?? Or too late??. The ewcm was there yesterday on the 25th as well so that’s promising. Just asking yalls thoughts bc I don’t want to get my hopes up this month if it’s obviously too late. 💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼