Unexplained infertility 😡


I hate the term “unexplained infertility”. My husband and I have been trying for a year and a half and I finished my first round of clomid recently. We baby danced every other day (which was really difficult with our schedules). AF is due Saturday and I gave in and took a test today with a BFN.

I’m really starting to lose hope and I’m angry at everyone who has kids or is pregnant. All three of my brothers had “accidental” pregnancy’s with their SO’s while I have been trying and asked me to be the godmother for all of them. Plus they have asked me to help them through their pregnancy’s as they are not medically inclined (I’m an RN). It hurts so much but I keep a fake face on because I don’t want to ruin our relationships.

I’m starting to think God doesn’t want me to get pregnant but I want it so bad it hurts. I’m also very tired of hearing “don’t worry it will happen, it’s just not your time yet”. That makes me livid.