Progesterone Shots


So After retrieval we have to do progesterone shots every night! I’m doing a fresh transfer if you’re doing FET you’ll probably start closer to your transfer date. Anyway the needles are HUGE and it has to go in your hip (muscle) as opposed to your abdomen like I did during stims. Ok, so here are some tips that’s worked for me add on if you have more tips!

1. Watch a few YouTube videos to get exactly where you give the shot most ppl just think it’s in the butt but that is not totally true. Also you have to kind of quickly put the needle in like a dart. We watched a lot of videos 😂😂

2. Ice the injection site for 5-10 min it’s numbing so you don’t really feel it going in.

3. Lay down while getting it administered my hubby did mine and I surfed Facebook to take my mind off of it. If you’re doing it yourself there is a way to do it standing up and putting your weight in the opposite leg.

4. Heat the oil in the syringe with a heating pad or rub it between your hands. This is legit oil so its really thick, heating it thins it out a bit so it doesn’t hurt as much going in. We heated ours for about 3-5 min.

5. Put a heating pad on the site after objecting and massage it. This helped me a lot warming the site back up and massaging the oil in.

So those are the things that really helped me that I thought I should share. 😊..we’ll pretty much be doing this everyday until thy end of our first trimester if we get pregnant.