When is enough enough?

Kelly • 💕Mommy to Gabriel LaBretton and Dalilah Ann💕

Ever since I found out I was expecting my boyfriend started acting different. He would go out to eat and never ask me if I wanted anything, go to the store and only buy food for himself, never ask me how I'm doing or if I'm ok and always put himself first. A couple times my money went missing, at first it was a 5 here and there then it was 20 then it was 40. He promised it wasn't him and that he would never do that and like an idiot I believed him and blamed myself for misplacing it. A month ago money started "disappearing" from his wallet and he didn't have enough to buy baby supplies every week like we agreed, I found out a couple days ago that the reason hes had less money is because he has been buying pain pills. I also checked my bank statement because I had lost my credit card and turns out my boyfriend had it and has been using it buy games on Xbox, games on his phone, cigarettes, drinks and so on since October! After I caught him he tried to lie but finally admitted to stealing my credit card and my

money that went missing before. I completely lost it, how could someone say they love you but use you and lie straight to your face? Not to mention I've been on bedrest for the last week because I have preeclampsia and every time I asked him to get me something he would huff and puff and get an attitude making me feel bad for not being able to get it myself. I kicked him out but am contemplating letting him back in because I truly love him and don't know if I can do this on my own. I'm only 20 and am 8 months so it won't be long till our son is here. I feel like a failure because I couldn't give my baby a family, what should I do??