TMI long post. Thanks for reading.

Samantha • 👼🏻 1/11 • 🌈 🤰🏼💖

Today is supposed to be cycle day 2 for me. On Sunday I had mild cramping and some light brown discharge when I went to the bathroom. Not even enough for a liner. Monday I had mild cramping but no discharge. I thought this may be implantation. Walmart .88 test showed negative. (Although I swear I saw a line but nobody else saw it). Yesterday I had a lot of clear water discharge and around 5:30 had some pink discharge. I put a tampon in thinking I had started since that was the day AF was due. I took it out at 9 and there was almost nothing. I slept with a soft cup since I needed to sleep in. Took it out this morning and literally two specks of blood. Just had a bowel movement and 1. I was kinda constipated and 2. there was some very light pink/ light brown discharge. Could I still be in the game or not? Hubby is very hopeful that I’m still in but I don’t want to get my hopes up.