3 month old cries too much πŸ˜“

nothing seems to soothe her besides being rocked and even then she will cry till she is bright red and is crying big ol' tears and in inconsolable.She gets changed,fed,rocked and she will continue to cry. I'm just a little worried she wasn't breast fed her mom started bottle feeding her because she didn't want to breast feed & idk if the formula is hurting her she also feeds her bits of normal food here and there, fed her ham and turkey on thanksgiving she's a family friend so idk if what

she's doing is right. This is her first child and her mom's helping her raise her..some opinions would be nice.

Edit: Thank you ladies for all the advice, I'm not caring for her daughter but when I do see her and the baby, the baby looks so frustrated and is always crying it's hard for them to calm her down. She also is drinking about 8-10 oz. of Similac her mom also gave her the soy blend Similac cause of her crying thought she was lactose intolerant.And I know all this because her mom discusses it me.