Help! Pain!!


Iv been having pain (similar to when a cyst burst and in the same area) since last night. It was so painful every time I moved it woke me up. It had since dulled but now that I’m up and about it’s beginning to hurt again.

I’m almost 19 weeks and have assumed it could be round ligament pain but have read that it is not usually so generalized.

I’m also assuming, while the pain is very similar, that it is not a cyst because I had an ultrasound two days ago and the pain is exactly where the baby’s head was, and they would have seen if there was an evident cyst?

I normally have a high pain tolerance so for something to take my breath away while I’m laying around makes me a little nervous. I’m waiting for a call back from my doctor and was hoping someone that had experienced something similar and could ease my mind? Any thoughts on what it could be? Thanks in advance 💙