Why can’t we just wait?!

Dee • A Wife & Mother of 5! 💜02/09 💙12/12 💙07/14 💜03/16 💙12/17

Had my weekly appointment and my midwife booked my home visit for next week. She then went on to say I’ll do a stretch and sweep when I arrive. With my experience a sweep always puts me in labour within 24 hours. I’ll be 38 &2 during that appointment (Due Dec 26th)... and I really just want my body to try and do it on its own. This is my first experience with midwives and my first home birth... and since this is my last baby (#5) I want to really experience being pregnant for as long as possible. I had a boost with all my other babies... Evening Primrose oil, a sweep, two inductions, and I did castor oil twice. I have never gone past 38 weeks! I know I might be crazy for wanting to wait but I want babe to pick his own birthday!!!