don't give up!


for the past year I've watched women on here post their BFP and as happy I was for them it made me sad because AF showed up month after month.

I was so frustrated that I had little to no control over this.

Today I got my BFP! and I'm over the moon happy and wanted to encourage other women not go give up. I know in comparison to how long others have been ttc a year is nothing but

a few things changed over the past 2 months and I thought I'd share because I believe they most likely contributed to my pregnancy. I lost 20lbs! I worked my butt off at the gym every day and got down to 160. I had my tubes checked/blown out which I heard for some unknown reason increases your chances. I also used astroglide ttc! I've used preseed in the past with no luck so I ordered the astroglide from Amazon and got pregnant that month.

just thought I'd share as I constantly looked for pointers on here. good luck ladies!!