SideChick Won’t Go Away

Earlier this year my boyfriend cheated on me we’ve been together for six years and we live together so I took a lot of things into consideration before I just left and called it quits.

Anyways me and the girl have exchanged words and it ended very clear that me and my boyfriend are staying together. During the time my boyfriend cheated she acquired some naked photos of him from his phone and a few other embarrassing things and has been threatening to release them.

Everything died down for a few months and I assumed that she just moved on. Well yesterday I saw my boyfriends call log and she called him over 8 times he did not answer but an hour later she text him he did not respond . I asked him what did she text and he told me she text him “why aren’t you dealing with me anymore”..basically asking “what’s up with them”. I am livid at this point because now I feel extremely disrespected because she is aware of us being together but still insist on contacting him. I told my boyfriend I was going to say something to her but he feels that if I do it will only trigger her to release his private information.

At this point I don’t know what to do because I feel like he is not handling this situation properly he’s trying to avoid shutting her down completely because of the photos. I’ve already addressed this situation once to her so now I’m at this point do I let her disrespect my relationship or do I just let him tip toe around the situation to avoid the release of these photos?

I’m so lost

Should I say something to her or leave it alone?