Pre cum

Pre cum has no sperm in it. I’ll yell it for the people in the back. Not even a controversy. You need to take a class or two about sex!!!! Or stop reproducing.

SEX ED CLASS NOW IN SESSION. Pre cum has no sperm NATURALLY (as some people are oblivious apparently and think that picking up something means your pre cum naturally has sperm in it) but if you previously ejaculated and didn’t pee then the sperm can be left over and picked up on the way out. The fluid itself contains no sperm and isn’t even released from the same place. It’s job is to clear the path way for the sperm to get through safely.

For those who are educated my father is a licensed doctor in and specializes in fertility. Located in the states, So he’s likely helped a few of you ladies get pregnant even!!

and yes I have been using the pull out methods properly for many years. Got married and stopped and have a beautiful family.

Just read everyone’s comments and I’m sitting here laughing. I won’t be replying as I would like to stay anon,

don’t need you creepers finding out my kids names and stealing them from school.