Confirmed pregnancy 💔

Kim • 👼🏻MC 12/5/17👼🏻🌈Baby girl 09/2018🌈💙Baby boy 11/2019💙

My first time being pregnant. I went to the er last night with terrible unbearable cramps all around my waist. That’s when i knew this was it. Broke my heart because the first day i got to see my baby’s heartbeat was the same day i started spotting. Every time people ask if I’m doing okay, i feel like i want to burst out crying. But i can’t seem to do that. We had been trying for more than a year. And now that i think about it, maybe if i hadn’t drank so much caffeine i wouldn’t have lost my baby. I was told last night that i have a bicornuate uterus. My ob had never mentioned anything about it. I researched online and apparently this abnormality causes miscarriages. And women with this find it difficult to get pregnant and deliver. My obgyn today told me to wait till my first cycle to start trying with clomid again. But I’m kinda of scared i won’t be able to conceive quickly. How long after a miscarriage did you get pregnant? Or can anyone with this type of uterus tell me their pregnancy experiences? And when will these cramps go away?