Why does society make it so hard for young people?????????

Kerynn • Pregnant with my first 🤰🏼 Engaged 💍 19 🎉 Pre-nursing 👩🏼‍⚕️

I'm 19 years old and 11w+3 days pregnant. I live with my boyfriend of almost 3 years and we plan to get married next year before the baby comes in June. We both are in school full time (I'm pre-nursing and he is an engineering major) and work restaurant jobs but we make just enough to pull through and pay rent/ utilities as it is ...and now A BABY😳 we are so excited but also freaking out because HOW in the world are we going to do this??

There's really no way for us to save up because of how little we make and there's no way for us to stay where we live because rent is going up again in a few months. And on top of it my bf wants/needs to quit work or find an easier job so that he can push through school which means we would only have my small income (that is solely based on tips and fluctuates like crazy) and a few small school loans.

It seems like the only way to do this is to move in with his parents- which is super amazing of them to offer- but to me it sounds absolutely HORRIBLE. I've been trying so hard to establish myself independently since I moved out of my childhood home but it just keeps getting more and more impossible! On top of it I have all of this pressure coming from him and his family to move in with them and the whole thing makes me so uncomfortable.... actually more than uncomfortable... it goes against everything I've been working towards and stand for as a person.

I know it will be easier because his parents are good people and are willing to take care of whatever we need and we will be living rent free but I fear that we will never get out of there if i agree to it. I NEED my own autonomy and space especially since I'm about to start my OWN little family and I don't want to do that crammed in with the in-laws. But I don't know what else to do😓 it's so hard to be young and trying to do this.. society literally sets u up to fail or depend financially on your parents until ur out of college and have a degree.

Any advice on what to do? Should I push for us to work more while we have school full time and a baby coming and stress out in that way or should I move in with his parents and not have to be as busy but deal with a whole new kind of ~stress~😥

*Also any young moms in my position I'd love to connect with.. there's such a great community out there and it helps to feel like I'm not alone in this position*