Is this normal? (Numb vagina? 😭😂)

I’ve only used tampons twice now (two periods), I’m a virgin, and I’ve never been fingered by myself or anyone else. Ive honestly never touched my vagina besides my clit until two months ago when I finally tried tampons.

At first putting them in and taking them out hurt a little, not anymore though however I’m totally concerned???? I’m 17, and my whole life I’ve been filled with how hard it is for women to orgasm (on average) compared to men, and how penetration just isn’t enough for the majority of women etc. I’m a little freaked out now because I literally can’t feel the tampon applicator being inserted in me or taken out at all, I tried fingering myself once and felt nothing again. I couldn’t feel my finger entering inside myself or going in and out really. Now I’m worried when I have sex I’m not gonna feel shit???????? I don’t want sex to suck and I don’t want to have a “numb/dead” vagina 😭😭 so is this normal for anyone else? Will I be able to feel something bigger than a tampon and actually get some pleasure or am I doomed?!?