Spotting or something more serious??

Sorry if this is TMI guys but I really need answers. Two nights ago my boyfriend and I had sex (We ALWAYS use a condom and pull out to be extra safe). Yesterday I started lightly spotting. I only noticed it when I went to the restroom and wiped and saw slight pink discharge on the toilet paper. Today I have been spotting much more heavily. I don’t think it’s my period because 1) it isn’t as much blood as a period 2) I don’t have any other period symptoms like cramps/swollen breast 3) it isn’t due for another week and a half and they are pretty regular. This has also never happened to me before!! I have never spotted ever so I am curious if this amount of bleeding is normal???

Side note: This is the only time my boyfriend and I have had sex since my last period. However, two weeks ago he was fingering me and I started lightly spotting but I wasn’t this heavy. Could something be wrong with me??