Feeding to sleep newborn?


I am a first time mom and my little one is 2 weeks old. When he wakes up from a nap he eats about 3 oz of formula and is up for about an hour/hour and a half and wants more. I went to a mom group today and the nurse running it said at his age he should eat the 3 oz, be up for 45 mins to an hour, and sleep for 2. I left the group feeling like I understood.

What I realized is that I give him a bottle to sleep. So he will wake, eat, and be up for about an hour, then he will fuss to eat and I’ll give him about 1-2oz and he sleeps. I didn’t realize I was feeding to sleep.

Is this normal for newborn babies? Do I need to break him from feeding to sleep? It seems as though I do. If so, does anyone have any tips to get baby to sleep without a bottle? At this point it’s all I know to get him to sleep.