Kissing tips?


Ok so I’m a teenager and ive never kissed anyone. The main reason why is because I just haven’t been ready. So I’ve been talking to this guy and I really like him. Today at the end of 6th period he was sitting on a stood and fell hitting his elbow and being extremely over dramatic😂 he went to get a bandage even though he wasn’t bleeding then he couldn’t open it so he asked me to open it. I gave it to him and he said he wanted me to kiss it better. I refused mainly because I had a doctors appointment and I had to leave pretty fast so I just kinda left. He’s a wrestler and so I texted him and asked how his match went and then I asked how his elbow was. He said it was bruised. I asked him if it would have helped if I had kissed it better and he said yes. So then I said that I would for sure kiss it better next time and he said that tomorrow he will purposely fall on his elbow. THEN I said maybe he could fall on something else and I told him that’s for him to decide. He said he might just fall on his face. SO... then I said “you don’t have to fall if you don’t want too” so now he said to me to be ready and now I kinda don’t know what to do and I’m screaming of excitement inside.