Just a venting topic. I'm 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I'm so over people asking me for favors! I have been helping out my grandmother for a long time since she is unable to do a lot of things since losing her leg last year. I'm the only family in town (the rest of the family is 30 mins away) so she relies on me a lot. But she also has friends and neighbors that help her out as well. Well, now that I'm so pregnant I can't keep doing these tasks for her and once my little boy is here I won't be able to help at all. My mom keeps saying she will drive down to do things for her but she hasn't lately and she is her power of attorney. I know my grandma needs me so I've been working on finding her an aid to help with errands and household chores but it's hard to find one that accepts her Insurance. I don't feel like this should be my responsibility to do but I can't leave my grandma without help. But she relies on me way too much. Like I get a call at least 2-3 times a week to run her places or do household chores. Even when lately I've been telling her I'm contracting and doc said I'm 2-3 cm dilated, she still asks me to do inane tasks. I'm too pregnant to go out and buy her cigarettes!! She never calls just to ask how I'm doing or anything like that. On top of her asking for help all the time, I have a friend that asks for help watching her child here and there. Like for 15 mins so she can run to the store or little shit like that. Idk why she can't just TAKE HER WITH HER but she always asks me instead. I'm in pain and miserable. I can't keep doing these things for people and I feel like they are not being understanding of my situation! Ive finally started saying no but that hasnt stopped them from asking for favors! I just wanna scream! #endrant