leaking?! please help

okay so the past few days i've been leaking this clear liquid that is semi orderless and barely has a smell to it. today was my 38 week appt and doctor measured baby and listened to his heartbeat and said everything was fine. he didn't do a cervix check which the nurse thought was weird ( i did too because i've been having contractions) i ignored it because he's the doctor. today when i came home i noticed my panties were wet again. not saturated but wet enough for me to notice. now i read online that it could be a tear in the membrane and i could be losing my water slowly i have yet to lose my mucus plus, and it says it could slowly be that too. but it also said it could be that the baby had a bowel movement in there which isntgood or that if it is a tear in my membrane it could cause infection. am i just freaking myself out? or should i take a trip to the hospital tomorrow morning?