My crush kissed me and I just needed to say it out loud, because I feel awesome!

So, yesterday, my crush invited me over and so after a while, we decided to go watch a horror movie (everything was planned in my head).

So we were in his house and there were two seats, but we put them close to one another. So then we are watching the movie and, with all of my (non-existent) courage, I slowly put my hand in his.

So then, later, we turn around to face each other and he says something about the fact that swimming is boring, since it has a link with the movie (he was teasing me, because I swim). So then, I reply and say that it’s not, still as a joke. So then, out of nowhere, he completly turns around and kisses me.

So then I kiss him back and it felt amazing. I really enjoyed kissing him and we kissed a few other times after (yes I do realize I said kiss a lot of time) . I think we are officially dating and I’m so happy I just had to share it!