Help ladies!! Husbands during pregnancy 😭😭

Nicolle • Brazilian • Married • Momma to a sweet baby boy and a little girl on the way 🥰

I hear about all these ladies and their husbands who treat them like queens when their pregnant.. am I the only one who’s husband doesn’t seem to care that she’s pregnant? I am 30 weeks right now, and my husband still expects me to cook and clean everyday. Don’t get me wrong, he is very much excited for our little boy, and he’s happy about the pregnancy. What bothers me though, is the fact that we both work all day on our feet, and we get home at the same time and he still expects me to cook every day, and to clean everyday as if I didn’t have elephant feet and a bowling ball strapped to my stomach. I am so exhausted mentally and physically, I only get about 3 hours of sleep at night. He does not help me with a single thing around the house. And not only that, we have a roomate who happens to be his best friend. The deal was for his friend to move out in November (he moved here from Brazil so we were helping him until he found a place) and his friend seems to have forgotten our deal. My husband keeps putting off the conversation about him moving out because he doesn’t want his friend to get upset or mad at him. He basically wants to wait until his friends remembers the deal on his own WHICH I FIND RIDICULOUS!!! ... Honestly, all I want to do it start setting up my baby’s nursery, but I can’t do that until his friend moves out of our extra room. I have been so stressed and Im at risk for preeclampsia so he can come at any time!! And on top of all that, his friend is a messy pig who leaves his stuff all around the house. If I don’t pick it up, nobody does.. I just wish my husband was more supportive and I wish he actually took time to understand just how hard pregnancy has been for me! Im at the point where I’m going to talk to his friend myself (which my husband asked me not to do). Although I have hinted many times that I want him to move out.. I have said many times out loud in front of both of them “babe I need to start setting up the nursery”. I am so tired and stressed ladies!! 😭😭😭😭 has anyone been through something similar?? any advice???