advice please...


Im a ftm to a 11 week old.. i dont work right now so im with my daughter 24/7. i take care of her 24/7 pretty much by myself.. her dad goes to school and works afternoons. we arent under the same roof right now due to money issues..were trying to save so we can get our own plae and i start going back to work very soon. but ive been getting very upset bc he doesnt come to my house like he should to help me with her.. he might come for a couple hours or so but he leaves. when hes off or doesn't have school on

weekends or like now bc his semester is over he still stays home and plays xbox or watches movies or goes does this and that with friends. i texted him earlier telling him how i felt and he said he is always doing wrong etc. so am i wrong for what i said or feeling this way?