Rant about my boyfriends mother.

So today my boyfriends mother threw a “meet and great/ baby shower” as she calls it for my baby girl (she’s a month old). So we show up and my baby started getting fussy so I️ took her out of her car seat and tried to calm her down by gently rocking her. His mother instantly came over and took her out of my arms. Cool whatever she had calmed down.

Let me just state she sees her every week at least once a week and watched her twice this week. So it’s not like she gets no time with her.

Anyways my baby kept getting passed around like a freaking hot potato but I️ wasn’t annoyed because everyone wanted to meet her and I️ get it. Well I️ could tell my boyfriends cousin (who was sitting right next to me) didn’t really want to hold her and then she finally said “I’m gonna go get something to eat” so I️ asked if she wanted me to take my baby. She said yes. So she handed me her and I️ literally am holding MY baby for two seconds and my boyfriends mother comes over to me and says these exact words to me “is there a reason you have her?” And instantly took her out of my hands and starting holding her and walked away. I️ was speechless. 🙃 like I️ get it I️ have my baby all the time and get to snuggle her whenever I️ want but that gives you NO right to ask my why I’m holding MY child. The child that I️ pushed out of MY vagina. The child that I️ was in labor for 2 days with. The child that I️ made. And then take her away from me. I️ AM STILL SO LIVID ABOUT IT. Am I️ being like much about it? Should I️ not be mad or annoyed? I️ didn’t say anything to her or my boyfriend about it but I’m just bothered and have nobody to tell😩