Hello Preggo Ladies, When will you be finding out the Gender of your babies ?

Jaiden • Jaiden Alexis💙

I will be able to find out the Gender of my baby at 10 weeks through a NIPT (Noninvasive Prenatal Test) blood test. With my first baby who I later miscarried at 26w I was able to find out at 12w even though I just somehow deeply knew he was a boy💙♂ I can't wait ! I'd love to pass my son's things I saved to my new baby, it truly would mean alot to me ! 🙏🏽The test is to screen for down syndrome and other chromosomal conditions but you will also be able to find out baby's gender. I am too impatient and excited ! 😩😩🤓 I know some people have to wait until they're 16-20 weeks to find out by ultrasound and some people wait until the baby's birth to find out🤔 When will you ladies be finding out what your little bean is ? Or will some of you wait until your baby is born ? Comment !