Birth control chaos..

so... my doctor started me off with depo... i got one dose of it... it make me feel really funny and made me bleed endlessly... so i quit taking it untill 2-3 months later... then came back for another visit... i now have stopped depo... and i have no period... at all.. like.. nothing... i hate how much depo has messed with my body... but i want to be on birth control... not only to help with hormones but... i have a boyfriend and i fear getting pregnant at this time.. we havent had penetrative sex... ever.. but have been super close to it.. he reassures me and tells me hes scared too and he would never leave me...even if i was pregnant.. he said hed stay by my side.. but thats beside the point.. i was considering starting the pill but should i wait till my period comes back so i dont make matters worse?..