Cronic Skin Picking


This is long but if you experience the same thing give it a read (: im not sure if anyone else goes through this but I thought Id share a simple tip! I have an issue with constantly picking my skin.... Ill even pick at my animals or my boyfriend which drives him NUTS but I mostly pick at myself (zits and scabs, I dont create scabs to pick). I have scars throughout my body but mostly on my cheeks and upper back. I do it when Im overly excited or nervous or anxious or mad or upset etc. and its so annoying! but self care is important when you have an issue like this. the whole reason I wanted to make this post was to share how I cope with it. I found that cutting my nails short (its an obvious choice but hear me out lol) and getting gel nail polish helps sooo much because not only are my nails short but theyre soft like nail caps youd put on a cat. Its also a really nice form of self care in my opinion! I know it can be expensive but I dont always get the whole shebang lol. ive gotten gel done for like $10 alone and if you want you could even invest in your own kit for at home! Anyways if you've read all the way to the end I appreciate it (: and I hope this helps!