So many people on my Facebook either announcing their pregnancy or announcing their newborn 😭

I’m happy for them of course, but it’s hard to be, ya know?

Why can’t I just have my own? I love my bonus babies so much and they make me so happy. But I just want to experience it myself.

I want the first cry and the sleepless nights. I want the uncomfortable sleeping because my belly is in the way. I’ll want it all, I’ll take it. I want a girl, but would still love a boy endlessly. I want to see the look on my boyfriends face when I say “We did it. We’re pregnant” or “my water broke” or “she/he’s here”.

Why can’t I do this? Why is it so hard? I get the “if it’s meant to be it’ll happen” thing but come on.

Baby dust to all. ❤️