I have a regular 32 day cycle. No birth control nothing has changed, I'm not overly stressed and I'm not focused entirely on ttc. My weight is the same , I'm eating the same and I'm hydrated. I have never been more than two days late. I'm 20 years old and healthy. I had a pap smear recently and an ultra sound on my uterus and everything came back normal. Ya got that?

TELL ME WHY I'M ON DAY 47 of my 32 day cycle? I've don't countless hpts all negative . I baby danced every other day this cycle. No AF . I had spotting light pink one time when I wiped two days after AF was due so probably Implantation bleeding .

I have food aversions, I pee every hour, I've thrown up, my BM has changed and I have pinch feelings in my uterus area. My sister didn't show up on her pregnancy tests until past two months she always had to have a blood test. Now let me tell you what this asshole so called doctor said to me

HE SAID "she must have done it wrong or it was a bad test" OH for all two of my nephews my sister who is a registered nurse didn't know how to pee on a stick? He refused me a blood test. So now I'm left in the dark.