Feeling guilty! 😫

Reyna β€’

Hi everyone! I'm a FTM with a baby boy who is 7.1 weeks today. I took him in to see the pediatrician today because he has been sounding a little raspy and wanted him to get checked out just in case. He was fussy when we got him undressed to get his vitals so I gave him his pacifier. About 5 mins later he spit it out onto the floor and the nurse told me not to wash his pacifier with hand soap so my sweet boy just cried and cried during the rest of the visit. I picked him up as soon as the doctor was done checking his lungs, ears, and throat so I could try and soothe him but he was so upset the whole time. We finally were done and I got him into his car seat, stopped crying for a few minutes and then he started back up again. He cried through us leaving and also for about 5-8 minutes in the car until he fell asleep. I feel TERRIBLE for not having another pacifier and because I know he can't soothe himself at this age. I basically felt helpless and I have heard it is not okay to let them cry without soothing them because it can cause them to make themselves sick, harm their breathing by making them hyperventilate and cut off oxygen to their brain from all that and the stress. I never let this happen, I am always there to soothe him and help him but for some reason I just feel so shitty like I caused harm to him because I couldn't soothe him and he cried so much.