5 weeks early


So I've had some problems this pregnancy.. Complete Placenta previa low iron and 2 weeks ago diagnosed with Preeclampsia with protein in my urine also. . I was a diabetic before pregnancy and on insulin but it's became out of control even taking 2 types of insulin. My A1C went from 6.5 to 10 I have been seeing my doctor twice a week and a doctor out of town hour and half away twice a month. The ultrasound showed my baby girl head measuring bout a week behind and her stomach 2 and half weeks ahead. She is 6lbs. As of now I'm 35 weeks. The doctor wants me to deliver quickly. So at 845am I'll be having a c-section and delivering. Her name will be Lilly or Lily Grace...Please help with the spelling... I'm lost... . I have a 14 year old name Dixie a 5 year old name Kristy and lost a baby boy last year.