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Johanna • 22. Mommy and Wife.😌❤️

So my husband and I have a little girl together age 4 and we’re young, only in the beginning of our 20’s. For the longest time my husband knew that I wanted to have a baby and mainly because I wanted my daughter to grow up with siblings but he was always so negative about it and refusing anything to do with a baby due to his mom not wanting us to have another. So you know I stepped back and respected his final answer of “No” but that was 2 1/2 years ago lol. Now for a couple of months since like August he’s been saying “I wonder what my baby would look like” but I wouldn’t really pay any mind to it because I knew he didn’t want kids any time soon. Besides he didn’t really discuss with me that topic a lot. Well, my neighbor informed me this morning that for a couple of weeks now my husband has been mentioning to her and her husband about the same topic of “what would his baby look like?” And they all end up talking about it. So last night him and I were cutting out some glitter animals to put up for our daughters room and then he said again “I wonder what my baby would look like”. Long story short that “I wonder what my baby would look like” phrase ended up in him asking me IF I WANTED TO HAVE A BABY!!! I’m beyond the stars and the moons right now and I even asked him like 5 times in many different forms “Are you sure” “Are you playing with me” “I don’t believe you” “Stop lying” “You’re kidding “ and he said “No, I’m serious. Do you want to have baby? Let’s make one.” 😩😭😭❤️❤️❤️

Any type of advice or tips or anything for ttc is welcomed please and thank you.😁😘