Currently in Labor and Delivery

Annabel • "For this child I have prayed..." 🛐✝

I'm 37 weeks today. Came in at 3cm Now I'm a very stretchy 4. And they're going to check me in another hour to see if I'm closer to a 5. If I am...then I will be admitted - they will break my water and I'll have my baby boy!!! Y'all, I need you to pray that I'm at least a 5!! I live an hour away from my hospital and I've been a 3 for weeks. So if I'm close to a 5 already by this one visit I can't have them send me home. Its been snowing too.

Come together with me and pray I'm admitted and get to hold my baby finally!!! 💙💙💙😁😁

Update: Nurse says I'll probably DEFINITELY have baby this week but I'm still a 4-5. Because my doctor is out and another dr is on call, they aren't going to admit me. But I have an appointment with her on Wednesday and I'll probably be admitted then.