Early symptoms of pregnancy until I got a BFP!!!

Emily • Momma of a baby boy. 💙 Expecting baby #2.

My husband and I just started trying for our first baby last month, so I have been reading lots of other ladies posts about their early pregnancy symptoms and the earliest they got a BFP. I thought I’d share my early pregnancy symptoms with everyone.

4DPO- I had nausea after eating, heavy CM, and my nipples were a little sore. I tested because I just had a feeling that I was pregnant. I tested and I got a BFN

5DPO- More nausea after eating, heavy CM, and my nipples were even more sore. Again, I got a BFN.

6DPO- I had a runny nose, slight cough, couldn’t keep my meal down, and I was EXHAUSTED. BFN.

7DPO- Still had a runny nose, very tired, and nipples were very sore. BFN.

8DPO- VERY runny nose, temperature was 99.9, eating anything sounded disgusting. BFN.

9DPO- Nipples hurt so bad! Temperature was 99.6, very little dark blood in my undies (implantation bleeding) I had sharp pains in my vagina, and a tugging/pinching feeling behind my belly button. I tested and SWORE I saw a faint line, but I chalked it up as a BFN.

10DPO- Very nauseous in the car, ate very little and when I did it made me sick. I was craving banana peppers like crazy. I felt extremely tired. Again, BFN.

11DPO and 2 days before AF was due- I was afraid to test because I assumed I was losing my mind and was fabricating these symptoms in my head, and I expected another negative. I woke up with really sore nipples, and tested with my morning urine. I got 3 BFP’s!!! (dollar tree test, test strip, and clear blue)

Tested again today and got a very clear positive! No AF symptoms even though she’s due tomorrow. Went to my general doctor and my pregnancy was confirmed. I’m 4 weeks pregnant on the first try!!!! I knew I was pregnant at 4DPO but because I got so many negatives, I thought I was nuts. Turns out I wasn’t nuts!

Hope this helps somebody. I know reading other girls early symptoms sure helped me, and gave me lots of hope. If I could give any advice for the 2WW, don’t bother testing until 8DPO at the earliest. My implantation didn’t occur until 9DPO. And anyone wanting really early results, buy the dollar tree tests, the expensive ones aren’t necessary.

Good luck ladies and baby dust to you all!