Dear younger self,

I don’t know where to start but how about I start by apologizing. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for letting you down. I’m sorry for not accomplishing anything that you wanted us to do. The brightness in your eyes are going to dull little by little with every mean things the kids at school call you. I’m sorry that the light behind our eyes is totally gone now and all there is is a shadow. I’m sorry for what’s about to come. Im sorry for not being able to get out of bed some days. I’m sorry for hurting myself, you never liked being in pain. Now that’s all I ever feel, it’s better then not feeling anything at all I guess. I’m sorry for skipping so many meals. I’m sorry all the heartache that’s about to come. I’m sorry for all the grief you’re about to experience, but your best friend died so cherish every moment with him while you still can. But most of all I’m sorry for disappointing you. I am everything we promised not to be. And for that I’m so fucking sorry