Break from Glow?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the support from all of you wonderful ladies!! But has anyone ever decided to take a mini break from glow for a bit and only use the app for tracking? I find myself reading a lot of posts and it causes me to worry and overthink about a lot of different things. Of course I understand it’s the point of the Community part of this app. And I get everyone has ups and downs (I definitely do!) but I find myself reading the negative posts and starting to over think. Like before my miscarriage, I was reading so many posts about symptoms of miscarrying and all the stories (which once again, I get that’s the point of the app. And I love helping anybody in anyway I can!). But while I was reading them I started worrying about every little thing about my pregnancy! Like when I see someone talking about their low HCG levels, I’m about to dial my OBGYN and ask for blood work to make sure mine are okah! Lol. Unfortunately, I did miscarry a few weeks later. But then after my miscarriage I’ve been reading so many sad posts of all the unfortunate miscarriages and horrible losses some of you mamas have had to suffer through 😔 and I just can’t help but feel like maybe I need a tiny break so I can TTC without reading into other people’s outcomes. I really hope this isn’t coming off as insensitive or rude because I truly am not trying to!! I am so grateful of all the tips and support I’ve read from all you ladies while TTC! I wonder if I took a small break if I would be less stressed out about getting my BFP again when I see all these posts about blessed BFPs and unfortunate BFNs. I hope this make sense to someone! Either way I’m wishing EVERYBODY happiness and health and baby dust to all of those TTC 💕💕